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A video hosting service that provides users with video storage, delivery and display services. YouTube has become the most popular video hosting and the second site in the world by the number of visitors. Users can upload, view, rate, comment, add to favorites and share videos without violating the rules and policies of using the service.

How to back up a YouTube channel

Good day to you, in light of recent events  (a word that cannot be called) and the increased risk of blocking YouTube.com,  Russia  I will tell you how you can officially back up all your content on YouTube through your Google account.

How to stream to Youtube from XBOX

Hello reader, or guest) a fan of playing games on Xbox consoles, experienced owners probably already know that it was possible to stream directly from the Xbox console to YouTube in 2015, but then, for unknown reasons, Microsoft cut this functionality out in one of the patches for incomprehensible reasons, most likely this was due to the launch of their Mixer service which was soon closed with a bang.

How to add someone else's playlist to your YouTube channel

Hello, YouTube video hosting lover, today I will tell you how it is possible to embed someone else's video on your YouTube channel and add it to your playlist, without downloading the video and violating any rights to the video

How to create a gif - animation from a YouTube video

Hi, reader of my blog :) today I’ll tell you how you can make Gif animation from your video

How to edit videos for YouTube

Hello dear reader or video maker, today we will talk about the best programs to use for editing videos on YouTube

How to upload shorts to youtube channel

Hello, dear reader, today I’ll tell you about a new YouTube feature, about the so-called YouTube shorts format , today I’ll tell you how to upload this same shorts to YouTube video hosting

How to start streaming on YouTube? ?

Online  streaming (eng. Stream or Livestream)  on YouTube is an analogue of a live television broadcast. Usually used by various bloggers to communicate online with their audience live. You can also use Livestreams on YouTube as an analogue of the site “Twitch.tv” for streaming game content.

How to make a fake donut - on the stream

Online broadcasts on YouTube video hosting sites, which people watch in real time, are becoming increasingly popular.

How to write bold on YouTube ?

Good day to you :) Probably, many have often seen that some YouTube users write “ Bold ” or “ Italic ” or maybe even crossed out, Big question! And how do they do it?

Do you use a different font on YouTube?

How to connect the Content ID system to a YouTube channel?

Hello, today - I would like to - tell you - how it is possible to connect a content recognition system   (Conten ID) to your channel

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