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Messenger (from the English messenger - courier, messenger) is a program for instant exchange of text messages, audio recordings, photos and other multimedia. Applications are installed on a computer, smartphone, tablet and work via the Internet.

How to wind up reactions in Telegram

Hello, guest or reader: Today I’ll tell you how you can easily and quickly wind up reactions to your posts in Pavel Durov’s messenger, Telegram

Telegram is no longer anonymous?

Hello, dear reader, today we will talk about the creation of Pavel Durov, the so-called ultra-secure Telegram messenger, which has lost its data anonymity in recent days.

How to find music on Telegram

To begin with, do not search for music with the word music in the search , telegram will not give you any special search answers.

How to create your own bot in Telegram

Hello, reader or guest: Today we will talk about bots in the Telegram messenger, today you will learn how easy it is to create your own chat bot in a telegram without programming

Telegram analogue messenger TamTam

Hello my lovers of messengers, including the telegram messenger , today I will tell you about the analogues of Durov's messenger, the so-called TamTam messenger

How to make a beautiful post in Telegram

Hello my dear readers, today we will talk about Durov's messenger (Telegram), namely: we will discuss how to beautifully design posts in your telegram channel

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