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History of ZPmirov®

Hello my dear friend! my name is like Vyacheslav , I am the founder of the blog ZPmirov.ru on this page I will tell you how the blog appeared :)

The beginning of the story

It all started when I was still 16 years old, then I was interested in the topic of programming, I see my future in this direction, I see a perspective in this.

Books to start: (I advise you to read)

  1. HTML/CSS Basics
  2. jаvascript Basics
  • For a more interactive (live) site: Need to study: Bold highlights the most important thing without which there will be no interactive :(
  • Python
  • PHP
  • C++
  • ruby
  • C#

A start

As I more or less began to understand the necessary programming languages, I began to hone them on the free hosting Ucoz in recent years, by the way, it has been very much improved technically.

However, prices for yukose have become overly inadequate in comparison with their own server. For such sums, I can be hosted by a paid hosting provider with full access to the settings of all aspects of the site.

  • We are moving away from yukoz to tumblr , for a long time my domain was tied to a foreign provider (blog platform) tumbler , fortunately I got rid of it in time, because some providers block this platform in Russia. Now my blog is working there on a subdomain in a foreign language :)

In general, in secret, my domain was registered back in 2014, but for some reason it was actually empty. You should not trust the Whois service - so - as I bought the same domain twice on a new one.

  • When I created this blog, not everyone supported me, and those who supported me most likely only pretended to support me, thinking that I would not succeed.
  • However, now the blog is visited by an average of 250 people per day, it used to be 500 per day (Yandex Metrica), while I don’t stick around for days working on the site.
  • Haters, by the way, hello to you, I accept the opinion, but if it is adequate

Don't be a slave to the system

After watching the movie Social Network (About the founder of Facebook), I fell in love with IT - even more, because it's interesting: Enjoy the fruits of your creation. After all, why work all your life for Uncle Sam when you yourself can become this " Sam "?)

Why this particular logo?

  • The letter z (inverted) means my VKontakte nickname! as well as the first letter of my real last name, but many may think that this is the English letter N - but it is not.

And the plans are...

  • Finalize the blog (improve its technical condition)
  • Draw a brand new blog design
  • Raise attendance to a million uniques per day (a lot of work to be done, a lot!!!)
  • Open a ZPmirov® OFFICE in your hometown, start inviting other promising people to work on the blog for cooperation. For the site has become for me not just a site, but a kind of personal brand.

Now they ask me how much money this blog brings me :) To be honest: It all depends on the number of clicks on the ad, the prices are completely different!

Do not believe those who say that there is no money on the Internet! They are, you're just lazy!

Vyacheslav Mirov

Thank you for watching! I hope you inspired :)

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