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G o o g l e is an American multinational public corporation , reorganized on October 15, 2015 into the international conglomerate Alphabet Inc., a company within the Alphabet holding investing in Internet search, cloud computing and advertising technologies. Google maintains and develops a range of Internet services and products and primarily generates revenue from advertising through its AdWords program.

How to connect the Content ID system to a YouTube channel?

Hello, today - I would like to - tell you - how it is possible to connect a content recognition system   (Conten ID) to your channel

How much can you earn on Google AdSense in Russia a real example

Hello, dear friends, today we will talk about making money on the Internet, and how much you can really earn on simple sites with Google AdSense in Russia

YouTube Shorts monetization

Hello, reader or guest of the blog, YouTube video hosting is finally launching the monetization of short videos (YouTube Shorts), for these purposes, the giant company allocates $ 100 million

The most mystical channel on YouTube (Parlophone Records)

Hello, reader or guest :) While everyone here was worried about the most famous YouTuber PewDiePie - he was overtaken by a channel with 62 - subscriptions! Yes - Don't be surprised! Well, let's get it right!

Google AdSense billing verification

Hello, my name is Homer :) and today I will show and tell you how to confirm, and most importantly! how to correctly enter "Payment Information in  Google Adsense . Let's get started….

But, for starters: I'll write what   Google AdSense is: 

Setting up Rapida Online for withdrawal from Adsense

Hello my dear ? readers or guests, or maybe you are already a blogger? :) today I'll show you how you can set up a withdrawal of money from Google AdSense to a Rapid wallet

Local Google Experts (participation and bonuses)?

Locals - experts - these are people who are well acquainted with the "Local" place / city and publish "Reviews" "Photos" "Videos" "Answer questions from users" 

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