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Posts related to games or the gaming industry

Running GTA San Andreas on windows 8 and 10

The fact is that in most cases “GTA San Andreas” refuses to start without enabling the “  DirectPlay  ” function.

How to quickly pump a character in GTA online

Hello, today I will tell you how to quickly swing in GTA online

Levels (ranks), reputation (RP) and unlocking opportunities
Habitual for many "levels" the higher the Level - the more opportunities are given in the GTA online game (at the moment - level 120 is enough to open everything that is in the game) maximum level in game 8000

How to stream to Youtube from XBOX

Hello reader, or guest) a fan of playing games on Xbox consoles, experienced owners probably already know that it was possible to stream directly from the Xbox console to YouTube in 2015, but then, for unknown reasons, Microsoft cut this functionality out in one of the patches for incomprehensible reasons, most likely this was due to the launch of their Mixer service which was soon closed with a bang.

Where is the cheapest place to buy Xbox subscriptions?

Hello, dear reader, today I would like to show how and where you can buy games / subscriptions for the Xbox console much cheaper than the market value, and there is nothing shameful in saving money if everything is within reason! (It is better not to save on health)

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