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Running GTA San Andreas on windows 8 and 10

Running GTA San Andreas on windows 8 and 10

The fact is that in most cases “GTA San Andreas” refuses to start without enabling the “  DirectPlay  ” function.

Microsoft DirectPlay  is a network programming interface ( API ) that provides transport and session layer services. DirectPlay  supports client-server and client-client connection topologies.

It doesn’t matter if you have the latest version or not, the game will still require you to install version 9, without including this very function. 

Video guide

Most older games: require DirectX8 and 9, but they do not see them in the new  WINDOWS 10/8 and 8.1 OS  They need to enable “ DirectPlay ”


How to enable DirectPlay in Windows 

How to enable "DirectPlay" in Windows
How to enable "DirectPlay" in Windows

We go -\u003e Control Panel -\u003e programs -\u003e enable disabling components -\u003e


direct play
direct play

In the window that opens: Put a tick in front -\u003e components of previous versions - \u003e “ DirectPlay ”


Ready! “ DirectPlay ” feature is now enabled

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