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How to set up a donation in Telegram

How to set up a donation in Telegram

Hello reader, today I will tell you about how you can accept donations in your telegram channel / chat, we will set up donations

Is it possible to send donations in a telegram?

This is not provided for in the official telegram client, but you can set up donations using a special bot in Telegram

Creating a telegram bot for donation

How to create a bot in Telegram
How to create a bot in Telegram

To begin with, we need to go to the father of all bots in @BotFather telegrams, it is through him that all bots in the telegram are created -> click the start button (if you have not written to the bot before)

Creating a bot in @BotFather

Setting up a bot in Telegram
Setting up a bot in Telegram
Now we need to click on the menu ( newbot ) or send the command / newbot in the next step we need to give a name to the bot (for example Donat - bot) - > next we need to come up with a bot username for example testdonat_bot at the end should always be _bo t after all the steps taken, we will get the so-called API Token of the bot, please pay attention to your api token of the bot, no one should know it gives full access to the management of the bot.

Setting up a bot to receive donations in telegrams

telegram donation bot
telegram donation bot

After creating your bot in @BotFather, you need to go to the Nemilin_bot bot and create a donation bot there (more precisely, attach the created bot) in a dialogue with the bot, you need to copy the API Token of the created bot to @BotFather and send it to Nemilin_bot in the following steps you need to attach a channel/group in Telegram to which a message with a donation will be sent Nemilin_bot must have the rights of the channel/group administrator

  • In the next steps, you will need to set up the amount of donations, and the payment system through which you will be donated, it is easier to do this with QIWI
Accepting donations in Telegram
Accepting donations in Telegram

If you followed strictly according to the instructions , then you should get a bot as in the screenshot, pay your attention! all messages from donations will be sent to the attached channel/chat Here is an example of our donation bot )

Where will the donations go? All donations will be delivered to you directly to your wallet without a commission, the money is received immediately - to the specified wallet.

I hope I helped you, if you do not understand anything feel free to write in the comments!

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