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How to quickly pump a character in GTA online

How to quickly pump a character in GTA online

Hello, today I will tell you how to quickly swing in GTA online

Levels (ranks), reputation (RP) and unlocking opportunities
Habitual for many "levels" the higher the Level - the more opportunities are given in the GTA online game (at the moment - level 120 is enough to open everything that is in the game) maximum level in game 8000

How to increase the level and money in GTA online?


First: Participate in -  all random events : experience and money are awarded for them, complete all possible tasks from GTA online characters


Second: Participate in an event from the MOD: ( she will send you an SMS ) to search for criminals: When you bring a criminal: they give 10 thousand dollars, if you kill on the spot: 5,000 thousand dollars: When all 5 criminals are brought or killed, the mod will drop the coordinates of the ax , if you kill 25 characters from it (NPCs are ordinary passers-by), you will be transferred 250 thousand dollars

Golden revolver in GTA online

Third: Participate in the treasure hunt (You will receive an SMS) when you have collected all the clues - you will get the "Golden Revolver" for 50 kills (in the head) - you will be transferred аbout: 250 thousand dollars

Fourth: Find 5 clues about a maniac in GTA online (here's a hint)

After killing a maniac, the "Navy Revolver" falls from him when killing 50 - bots in the head - they will give you 200 thousand dollars

Fifth: Participate in - all tasks with double payouts: 2xRP and 2x$ the higher the required level (rank) in the task - the greater the reward. We take a lot of food for tasks, and bulletproof vests - ideally we need Kuruma (armored) <-> 500 thousand dollars

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