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You use our TikTok services too often

You use our TikTok services too often

Hello my dear friends, today we will talk about the problem associated with logging into the social network Tik Tok

What do you mean you use our Tik Tok services too often?

Such an error often occurs with the most banal violation of the rules of the tik-tok service, for example, you violate the limits of a social network, but there are also other reasons

You use our TikTok services too often
You use our TikTok services too often

Common causes of error: You use our Tik Tok services too often

  1. You registered from one IP address, and you are trying to log in from another
  2. You have VPN enabled (disable before authorization)
  3. You recently created an account from this IP (Change IP)
  4. Perhaps you violated some limits of the social network tik-tok

Most often, the error occurs when you change the IP address (with VPN enabled) for the duration of authorization, you need to disable vpn connection in your device , then the problem should disappear.

  • If you created an account without a VPN - and you are trying to log in to your account under - VPN, then with a high degree of probability the tik-tok protection system will not allow you to log into your account from a different IP

The last thing you can advise is to try to log in later, perhaps you are logging in and out of your account too often, and the algorithm thinks this is a suspicious action.

I hope I helped you solve the problem, put your like or write a comment =)

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