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How to make money on files

How to make money on files

Hello, reader or guest of my blog, today I will tell you the best way to make money on downloading files

How can I make money downloading files?

How to make money downloading files
How to make money downloading files

To start making money on files, you need to find a good affiliate program that definitely won’t scam you and won’t shave (deceive / disregard downloads) and I recommend this particular file hosting service that has proven itself from the best side (personally verified)

Let's start earning on files: follow this link and register an account (verify mail) and you're done, our next step is to think over a strategy of what exactly we will distribute through the file exchanger (so that it is downloaded as much as possible)

  • What is better for a hair exchanger ? The most banal thing is that you can post videos with cheats for various games on YouTube , you can re-upload other people's videos, but then the video is unlikely to gain many views, make your own videos (believe this work will pay for itself sooner or later) conventional roller assembly

Where to get files? It doesn't matter, for weight you can upload some video or any other file, your task is only to download it as many times as possible, or you can really look for the same cheats and upload real files, it's up to you.

How much can you earn by downloading files?

How much can you earn by downloading files
How much can you earn by downloading files

It all depends solely on you, how hard you promote (video / post / material) you have to get as many people as possible to download the file, see the screen above - this is income on full liability, I don’t even make much effort to distribute links to the file, the more traffic, the more your earnings (no one will bring loot on a saucer)

Also in this file sharing service there are detailed statistics on downloads, who downloaded what from which device and what, they will also show you how much you were paid for one download or for everything that was there.

file hosting rates
file hosting rates

I also recommend that you regularly look at the page ( tariffs ), it shows all the prices for unique downloads - these tariffs are constantly changing.

Parking a domain to a file sharing service
Parking a domain to a file sharing service

For those who are afraid that the link to the file hosting service will be blocked by the browser or site, then in this system it is possible to attach your own domain , and all files can be given through your domain: for example mydomen.com

Where to get traffic for files?

The best solution would be YouTube video hosting, promoted groups on social networks such as VKontakte , Telegram , TikTok and the like, but be careful! Links need to be masked ! for example , through a link shortener , in addition, you can also earn money by shortening these links —> read here

Payments are made 2 times a week on Tuesday and Friday within 24 hours from the moment of application and they really withdraw! see screenshot above!

All that is required of you is to promote your link wherever possible, I give a hint 18+ content that is promoted also works well on mammoths :)

Thank you for reading the article, if you don’t understand something, be sure to write a comment below.

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