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How to promote a Telegram channel from scratch

How to promote a Telegram channel from scratch

Hello , reader or guest from the search: You probably searched in the search for "How to promote a telegram channel" well, did you find what you were looking for for so long

How to promote a telegram channel?

Before the start of promotion: It is worth making at least 10/20 posts , and beautifully design the cover and the post itself must be designed with beautiful formatting.

After creating a channel: only your contacts can be invited to it , there is simply no organic search in the telegram, you can invite your friends to join

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The maximum you can invite: 200 people after 200 - subscription, inviting to the channel is closed for the channel, it doesn’t matter even if you invite from another account, this is a restriction for the channel, not the telegram account

Organic traffic: - This is natural traffic (for example, recommendations / tops / and others)

So how to promote without organic traffic?

For example: as I wrote above, invite all your friends from your contacts, convince them to join the channel without pressing the “Complain” button, otherwise fly to the Telegram banhammer, there is no point in spamming in the telegram, otherwise a lifetime restriction will be imposed on the profile and then pi * well, you understand? :)

Your media resources: You are the same owner of your cool promoted project (for example, a blog / website) great, leave a link to your channel , for example, in the footer (like mine) there is a chance that some visitors will subscribe to your channel , although this it is better to do it in the form of comments (widget for example) or some kind of plugin notification in the top curtain.

Social networks: Are you the administrator of a large public? Vkontakte , Instagram or tik-tok ? make great content there, and lure the audience from there to the telegram channel, it’s worth publishing unique in the telegram . content that is not in this community.


The more mentions of your channel on the Internet , the better for you, as there is a high probability of the channel getting into the search engine index.

@ Who owns the information, he owns the world

For example, you can add your telegram channel to the catalog of telegram channels , and well-known directories: TGStat and Telemetr both services also provide statistics on channels.

I don't have any friends at all! who to invite to the channel?

If you are the person who does not have any contacts at all in telegrams , try using this promotion service on it, you can order “Subscribers”, “Views” and “Reactions to posts” , of course this should not be abused! do not sit down on the needle of cheating!

What might be required for wrapping? To overcome the social barrier (most users follow the herd instinct ), this can be useful for - official advertising through the Telega.in exchange - this is the only popular exchange in Russia for selling advertising in Telegram channels / chats

May be required to get into the directory: Some telegram channel directories accept channels only from 500 subscribers, well, now you know where to get them from.

How much can you safely wind up subscribers in telegrams?

It’s not worth it to wind up subscribers at all , but for especially gifted people I can say it’s safe no more than 500 people, you shouldn’t do this anymore, it’s better to buy advertising on the channel, for example, on the Telega.in exchange

If you have 2 million euros to spare : you can try official ads via Telegram you heard right 2 million € is the minimum top-up amount in the telegram advertising account, official ads are marked (sponsored)

You can also advertise on this resource : There is a very strict moderation to the performers , so the chance of unsubscribing from their side is minimal, when creating a project, just check the box "Available only to verified" that is, those who provided passport data to this service! I checked this exchange personally as an advertiser! the exchange has been in existence for about 8 years

To summarize: I hope I helped you, if you have questions, write them below in the comments

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