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How to stream to Youtube from XBOX

How to stream to Youtube from XBOX

Hello reader, or guest) a fan of playing games on Xbox consoles, experienced owners probably already know that it was possible to stream directly from the Xbox console to YouTube in 2015, but then, for unknown reasons, Microsoft cut this functionality out in one of the patches for incomprehensible reasons, most likely this was due to the launch of their Mixer service which was soon closed with a bang.

But for even stranger circumstances, the cut function has not yet been returned.

  • I want to make a reservation right away: you can only broadcast on the Xbox One generation (S / X and others) Xbox 360 does not work with broadcasts, but you can repeat the steps and it might work.

How do I stream live from my Xbox console?

To broadcast from xbox you need:

  1. Licensed Xbox One (S/X) Unhacked
  2. YouTube account ( verified by phone number)
  3. Account on the Microsoft Xbox website
  4. Verified (confirmed account) on the Twitch service
  5. Twitch App for Xbox

Linked accounts

Let's get started, first of all we create accounts on YouTube and twitch (we confirm them) I hope you know how to do this? We need to link our YouTube account with a twitch account, it is on the linked account that our stream will go. Binding occurs in the settings → connection Binding completed

Console Binding
  • Now we need to launch our Twitch application on the Xbox One console and link our console with a twitch account, activation occurs by code in the xbox application for twitch on - turn on the console on this page - > launch the twitch application on the console - > click on enter (Log in ) you will see the device activation code on the screen -> enter it on the activation page -> Everything is ready, the twitch account is now associated with your game console.
Linking a console to an account

Well, here we have everything done as it should be: And now, about how to stream from the console to YouTube:

So far, at the moment I have found only one really working one and probably in the future a special relay service from twitch to YouTube will be developed further and it works 100%. Go to this service and register an account

Source stream: This is the account from which the broadcast is coming from, in our case the original stream comes from twitch, so in this field we will select our twitch account associated with the console.

Output streams: This is exactly the place where the rebroadcast from the original stream will go -\u003e click add -\u003e we add exactly the channel to which you want to rebroadcast.

Getting started broadcasting from the console to YouTube

When we have everything set up: Go and turn on our Xbox console  go to the twitch application → go to the broadcast tab → enter the necessary information (name of the game Required) bitrate with good internet, you can set a high bitrate and the video quality will be higher, there is a volume control, quality ( 720P or 1080) → press the Start Streaming button  go to the game  after starting, wait literally a minute for the repeater to catch online from twitch  now in this service, click on  start on the channel on which you want to broadcast online(more convenient to do from the phone) → everything is ready.

Without a paid subscription to this service, you can conduct 1 relay per day.

Before all this, don't forget to pre-arrange a stream on the channel before the launch!

Xbox Stream Example
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