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Telegram will become paid

Telegram will become paid

Good afternoon, reader or guest, there is a rumor on the network that supposedly the brainchild of a fool, the telegram messenger will become paid, in fact, this is not quite as they say

Telegram messenger will be paid?

No, telegrams, as it was free, will remain free , however, Durov wrote on his blog that paid functions will appear, for example, they are already testing additional emojis

Paid telegram features
Paid telegram features
  • Among the paid features have already been found: additional emoji reactions (in the test version of telegrams) Durov also did not rule out the appearance of paid sticker sets (like VKontakte) with payment to the authors of their works

It is possible that there will be some Telegram Premium account with other functions.

The free functions of telegrams will continue to develop as before , and most likely they are in the main place, however, as Durov said, this is resource-intensive and costly.

Thank you for reading the article, I hope I answered your question :)

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