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How to break through information about a person

How to break through information about a person

Good afternoon, reader or guest of my blog, today I will tell you how you can find information of a certain nature for your own purposes or for some advertising purposes.

This article does not call you to action: This article only shows that, on the technical side, the search for information of a certain nature: It is quite possible

Is it possible to know everything about a person?

It will be difficult to answer this question, it depends on how careful the person was, and lit up whether their data is on the Internet, and what gets on the Internet will be impossible to delete (servers will store information for several years)

Use this for personal purposes only

How to punch a person through Telegram?

There used to be a scandal about the so-called bot (Eye of God) , he gave out confidential information and therefore the bot of the eyes of God was blocked by a court decision


What do you think: Did it somehow stop the creator? No, of course, Antipov created a new bot, which only a few know аbout: All other bots are most likely fakes: This is a real bot

Use only for personal purposes!

We break through a person through a telegram bot

The real eye of god in telegram
The real eye of god in telegram

We follow this link to the bot in the telegram, click run -> done

We load the necessary dаta: for example, a photo - replenish the balance - > the bot starts searching in the database for a copy of the photo:

The bot can search for photos by: (works 100%)

Bot eyes of god Telegram
Bot eyes of god Telegram
  1. Vkontakte pages
  2. Odnoklassniki pages
  3. Instagram profiles
  4. Tik-Tok profiles
Search for a person by photo via telegram bot eye of god
Search for a person by photo via telegram bot eye of god

After replenishing the balance: The bot starts looking for copies of photos on the indicated social networks , after a successful search, the bot gives all links for example VKontakte - where there is a photo, or a very similar person ( you can’t fool neural networks ) if nothing is found, then it will write .

  • Search by phone number: enter a number in the format +79999999999 (search by number is available only for Russians) after entering, the bot starts looking for mentions of the number everywhere on the entire Internet.

Please note: To fully use the bot (you need to verify your phone number) if you are afraid to give the bot your real number, you can use (Virtual number)

This is for the paranoid :)

Search by – car owner via bot

Here you can do several options: Either send a photo of the car number, or the VIN number By the way: in this article I described how to find the owner of a car by - state number

The bot can also search for: TIN, Legal entity, search by map (an interesting feature)

I hope I helped you, share with your friends!

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