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How to wind up reactions in Telegram

How to wind up reactions in Telegram

Hello, guest or reader: Today I’ll tell you how you can easily and quickly wind up reactions to your posts in Pavel Durov’s messenger, Telegram

Hello, guest or reader: Today I’ll tell you how you can easily and quickly wind up reactions to your posts in Pavel Durov’s messenger, Telegram

A small note: it’s better not to cheat telegram, but it’s better to advertise your channel in telegrams, for example, using the telegram advertising exchange: Telega.in

How to wind up telegram reactions for free?

If you don’t have any funds at all: there is an exchange “Bosslike” for you, in this exchange you can earn points for free, and then spend them on cheating reactions

exchange bosslike cheat social networks

The more accounts you add to the Bosslike exchange, the more tasks you can complete, which means you can earn more points, but you can also buy points

We go to the exchange by - this link , create an account  further, as I wrote above, we need to earn points (the more points, the better for you) after you have earned points  go to the point - > my tasks  select the telegram service  me like it (these are reactions) → put it quickly (tested) so reactions come faster  insert a link to the post in telegram (Example link: https://t.me/zpmirov/106)

To copy the link to the post: Select the message(post) click copy the link to the post

How to wind up reactions in Telegram

Let's test it: I'll create a test channel (I don't want to spoil the statistics of the main channel) and make a post ( as you can see in the screenshot, everything is zero, there are no views and there are no reactions.

Making an order: look like in the screenshots , let's order 10 reactions  click create task  wait a couple of minutes  look at the result  pay attention! your post must be meaningful and not violate the Bosslike " rules, otherwise the administration will block the task.

Where is it cheap to wind up reactions to a telegram post?

  • If the first option did not suit you: if you have at least a little money, at least 100 rubles, you can use the SMMCode service (it has very low prices) , follow the links create an account → replenish the balance: at least 100 rubles is enough for you for a long time.
SSMcode telegram cheat exchange
SSMcode telegram cheat exchange

After you have created an account on SMMCode : go to the services page (Telegram), select the reaction to the post (you can order a complex for future posts) and place an order in the side column, you can choose which reaction you want to cheat  then click "Order cheat" read the description task, in each task the speed of wrapping is written.

Please note: Before ordering on any service, you must make sure that those reactions are enabled on your channel in the settings.

Cheat reactions in the Telegram messenger
Cheat reactions in the Telegram messenger

The result of our manipulations: As we can see on our test message, there were reactions to the post, and on SMMCode you can very cheaply wind up views on the post / posts.

Again - I repeat: It’s not worth cheating, it spoils the statistics , it’s better to promote telegrams yourself, for example, here I described how to promote your channel.

I hope I helped you, share with your friends :)

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