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Instagram will be disabled in Russia

Instagram will be disabled in Russia

Hello, reader or guest of my blog, I didn’t think that we would get to cheburnet like in China, but from March 14, Instagram will be officially turned off in the Russian Federation

When will Instagram be disabled in Russia?

Disabling instagram in Russia
Disabling instagram in Russia

It was officially announced that the instagram social network owned by meta platform inc (formerly facebook inc) will be closed in Russia on March 14, 2022 at 0:00 minutes Moscow time , this is known from a letter from the State Services sent to everyone who is registered there

Instagram blocked in Russia
Instagram blocked in Russia

In principle, long before - this date, at least I personally observed that instagram for two days already worked poorly in the windows desktop application and the instagram.com web address was also not loaded , the mobile application for iOS / Android is still functioning normally .

Why is Instagram disabled in Russia?

According to the Roskomnodzor, this is allegedly connected with the support of violence against Russian citizens (I personally didn’t see anything like that in the tape), what kind of violence is in question, one can only guess, there is also a possibility that the Meta platform inc company will be recognized as an extremist organization and then goodbye all of it large services: Meta platform inc now owns: Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp messenger

Almighty RKN

What can be said here? Press   to  Pay  Respects instagram and until all this fuss is over these services will not be unlocked, because all the world's largest social networking giants are owned by companies from the USA

There are currently no alternatives to these services in Russia. None of your VKontakte or Odnoklassniki is comparable in terms of the number of audience in the social network.

Is it necessary to unblock instagram in Russia?

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