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How to upload shorts to youtube channel

How to upload shorts to youtube channel

Hello, dear reader, today I’ll tell you about a new YouTube feature, about the so-called YouTube shorts format , today I’ll tell you how to upload this same shorts to YouTube video hosting

YouTube  Shorts  (YouTube Shorts) is a new development from YouTube, which acts as an alternative to Tik Tok . 

You can only view the YouTube shorts feed in the YouTube app for iOS/Android
  • Most recently, YouTube launched an analogue of Tik Tok - YouTube Shorts or short videos, the first users were residents of India - since Tik Tok is blocked in this country! there is simply no competition
YouTube shorts on-channel [View example]

This feature is not enabled on all channels and countries, but what if I tell you that in fact it is not, but the function works and you can easily upload short videos. (from 15 to 60 seconds)

How to upload YouTube Shorts to a channel?

In order for the video to get into the short videos section , even if you don’t have the Download Shorts button in the download tab, you need to follow certain download rules.

  1. Video must be vertical
  2. Video length must be no more than 60 seconds
  3. In the title or description, you must specify the hashtag #shorts


Youtube coin requirements

Short videos won't help you enable YouTube monetization , as they don't count towards total watch time. But subscribers received through shorts videos are counted in the statistics.

Will there be income from YouTube shorts views?

  • Yes, if viewed as a regular video (through a channel)
  • No, if you watch through YouTube shorts (Special block)

Use this opportunity while YouTube Shorts is still a young platform, videos can shoot on your YouTube channels.

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