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How to start streaming on YouTube? ?

How to start streaming on YouTube? ?

Online  streaming (eng. Stream or Livestream)  on YouTube is an analogue of a live television broadcast. Usually used by various bloggers to communicate online with their audience live. You can also use Livestreams on YouTube as an analogue of the site “Twitch.tv” for streaming game content.

youtube copyright enforcement
youtube copyright enforcement

Channel Requirements

If you have a lot of (Complaints/Strikes) your streams will be removed.

Previously, in order for you to be able to turn on live broadcasts, your channel had to have at least 100 subscribers and a clean reputation (no strikes/complaints). Now there are no restrictions on subscribers, and in order to start your stream, it is enough to go through a simple SMS account verification procedure.  

1. Preliminary channel setup:
If your YouTube channel meets the above requirements, you can safely proceed to the live broadcast connection settings.

2. Account confirmation.

To do this, on the main page of your channel, click on the " Video Manager " item located near the subscriber counter. 

Youtube streams are allowed
Youtube streams are allowed

Then, in the right side menu, select the item " CHANNEL ", and in the drop-down menu the line " Status and functions ".
In the tab that opens, find the item "Live broadcasts" and click on the button " Enable "

We get to the " Account Confirmation " page . First of all, we choose the most convenient way for you to receive the code (SMS or Voice message from the Google bot), enter your phone number (You need a working phone number) and click the send button. In a few seconds, your phone should receive a message with a confirmation code, or a call from a Google bot (who will dictate the code), enter it in a special field. If the code was entered correctly, a blue plate will appear in front of you with the heading “ Number confirmed ” and the “Continue” button, click on it, and in the next window we accept the terms of use of Yotube. Congratulations! everything is ready. 

Now we need any program "video encoder" Better of course - the same " OBS " 

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