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How to edit videos for YouTube

How to edit videos for YouTube

Hello dear reader or video maker, today we will talk about the best programs to use for editing videos on YouTube

What is needed for a good installation?

  1. good computer
  2. Creative
  3. Templates
  4. Sense of humor
  5. Special software

Be honest with yourself: You came to YouTube only for money! right? :) and for this you need cool videos with good editing

Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Premiere Pro

I want to start with the most popular program: Adobe Premiere Pro is a professional video editor for editing, it is very suitable, but it is paid, if you are not tormented by pangs of conscience, you can download it from the Internet, Adobe Premiere heavily loads the CPU and video card, so that this program requires not an old laptop at all  otherwise the video editing will turn into daily file conversions.

In Adobe Premiere: it works with almost all video formats, you can do anything in the program, adjust each editing element piece by piece, there are also a huge number of plugins / transitions / effects 4K video support, the latest versions only work with windows 10, but there are and for windows 7 [Installation example]

Movavi Video Editor Plus

Movavi is also a semi-professional video editor, suitable for beginners: on the plus side, this software is free with reduced functionality, it has filters, titles, and transitions for editing a simple video. [Installation example]

I would also include in good programs: Sony  Vegas  Pro is also a professional video editor with many built-in effects and transitions, suitable for medium editing

And if you are a happy owner of: Macbook , then I will advise you a program: Final Cut Pro on this program is mounted by a popular blogger from YouTube Insanity  

These programs are the best in their segment, and you don’t need others, I hope I helped you with your choice :)

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