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The Google Chrome browser knows more about you than you can imagine!?

The Google Chrome browser knows more about you than you can imagine!?

Hello ?  strawberry content lovers!  :) Did you really think that the incognito mode exists? No - it certainly exists and performs its function - however, all the same, information about visiting the resource is still transmitted by the tracker where - it is necessary - how is this information used further? Not quite clear.


Google Chrome users  who regularly use incognito mode use stealth mode to browse any sites they don't want to be shown in history (most often strawberry sites) This mode: allows you to sneakily explore your favorite websites without fear that phone or your PC - treacherously save any evidence in your browsing history.

Google Chrome developers:  they know about your preferences, for this reason, when you open the “ incognito ” mode for the hundredth time, instead of the usual tab with a tab counter, you will see a  smiley face  ( for IOS ) or Winky face;) (for Android). 

  • It also turned out that initially the application was not specialized for opening such a number of times, for this reason the creators decided to use simple symbols instead of three-digit numbers.

Interesting fact:

Yandex - Browser  , when you try to view the   Strawberry site  , immediately prompts you to switch to   hidden browsing mode  - but by what algorithms it detects that the strawberry theme site is not entirely clear.

How further - this information is used - is not entirely clear! Careful viewing! ;-) ?

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