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Optimizing YouTube videos from your phone

Optimizing YouTube videos from your phone

Hello, guests or mine - young bloggers, today we will talk with you about optimizing videos on YouTube from a mobile phone

Why do you need to optimize YouTube videos from your phone?

Well, first of all, on YouTube, not all bloggers edit on a professional computer, and not everyone shoots with cool cameras, someone shoots with ordinary smartphones, because in the 21st century you can make good video editing

How to optimize youtube video from phone

  • You can optimize video from any mobile device, from IPhone to Android, this service is available online and it works like a plug-in for the vidiq browser , but since plug-ins do not work on smartphones in browsers, we will just use the Youme service 

We open the Youme service , you can log in with your Google account or via mail, then go to the section → tools → search for keywords → enter the keyword associated with your video

Seo optimization of youtube videos
Seo optimization of youtube videos

So - what to watch here - > Search volume and competition - the higher the competition, the more difficult it will be to break through - in the beginning it is better to break through low competition

The ideal option is a large search volume and low competition. We select the necessary keywords → copy → go to the YouTube studio to our video and paste our tags. The Youme service takes data in the same way as the vidiq service, you can check through vidiq if you have a computer.

The Youme service was opened quite recently, and therefore some of the functions are not yet available, but the administration promises to implement them soon

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