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Telegram is no longer anonymous?

Telegram is no longer anonymous?

Hello, dear reader, today we will talk about the creation of Pavel Durov, the so-called ultra-secure Telegram messenger, which has lost its data anonymity in recent days.

Telegram is a cross-platform messenger that allows you to exchange messages and media files in many formats. It uses a proprietary closed-source server part, which operates at the facilities of several companies in the USA and Germany, financed by Pavel Durov in the amount of about $ 13 million annually, and several open source clients, including those licensed under the GNU GPL


Telegram lost its data anonymity

According to the site: NTV

  • Russian developers have created a special bot: a telegram user deanonymizer that can determine your IP, surnames, names and phone numbers of Telegram messenger users, as well as find out their current geolocation of the device
  • To do this, he only needs to know your username in Telegram.
  • As an example of how the technology works: The developers gave an example of the case of a police lieutenant colonel in 2018 in the Moscow region a week later a telegram account was found from which threats were received against the lieutenant colonel

The achievements of this bot: allows us to effectively establish a connection between the linked number and a specific account in the Telegram messenger and receive the necessary data (phone number, geotags, first name and last name)

@Special services of the Russian Federation
  • In the aggregate of the Telegram user data we have collected, we can most likely determine the specific mobile device from which the person uses the messenger, Telegram, says Igor Bederov , CEO of the deanonymizer developer, the Internet Investigation Company.
  • On our own behalf, we add that even bad guys who sell something - something unnecessary are also successfully disclosed, but - that's how they do it - it's better not to talk about ethical considerations!
  • Although I always understood that nothing is anonymous!

Thank you for watching :)

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