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How to upload videos from twitch to youtube

How to upload videos from twitch to youtube

Hello my dear reader or visitor :) today I will show you how you can officially upload a video from your channel on twitch to transfer a video to your channel on YouTube video hosting , you do not need any third-party programs, everything is done by twitch and YouTube. Of course, you can stream directly to YouTube, but situations are different, maybe you are tired of streaming on Twitch.

I want to notice right now! it is better not to do this for those who have a twitch affiliate program, since twitch does not allow streaming to third-party services, there is a risk of getting banned on twitch or losing an affiliate program.

Transfer video from twitch to youtube

To start the transfer, you will naturally need a channel on YouTube, and also a channel on twitch - these two resources must be linked together in the twitch settings.

youtube connections to twitch

We go to the Twitch website  settings at the top right (your avatar)  connections  select the YouTube service  Add only the channel to which you are going to export the video  the same channel will be broadcast from any twitch + YouTube repeaters

As we see in the picture: The Twitch channel and the YouTube channel are successfully connected , now all videos from your twitch channel will be exported to this linked channel. The linked channel can be easily changed at any time by simply clicking disable and doing the above again

upload video from twitch to youtube

So we did everything to export linked accounts, everything is fine, but one thing, videos are not exported automatically! they need to be exported manually with little hands.

Exporting your video from twitch:

twitch video studio

We go to the twitch website  go to the video studio section , it is in this section that all your videos are stored on the twitch service.  click on the desired video  click on the export tab

When we are on the video export tab, we have access to:

Export to YouTube
  1. Video title
  2. Video Description
  3. Hashtags
  4. Splitting videos into pieces (for unauthorized YouTube accounts)
  5. Export video privacy

When everything is done as it should: Press the button  "Start export" you should have a window disappear after clicking. So everything worked out and the video will soon appear on your linked channel.

On YouTube channel: When the export process starts: You can see the process in settings  Studio  content: After processing the video at least 360P, it will immediately become available for playback.

  • If your video was successfully exported to YouTube video hosting to the twitch linked to the channel: e-mail address: a letter will be sent about the successful sending, respectively, if the export fails, then the same will be notified by e-mail.
successful video export to twitch

Well, actually, everything is ready! thanks for reading :) if it helped share with a friend.

By the way, please pay attention! Twitch is not YouTube and the video is not stored there forever! and about 30 days - > then twitch deletes the broadcast. Don't blink!!!

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