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How to download videos from any website on the internet

How to download videos from any website on the internet

Hello reader or guest, today I will tell you how to download videos from almost any site for free and without programs.

Is it legal to download videos from any website?

From the point of view of the law, any media content is protected by copyright , but on the other hand, Google does not fight software developers who help us download videos from their YouTube , although the video hosting itself on the topic of downloading from YouTube can simply delete your video for "Violations of Community Guidelines " is recognized as "Dangerous Content"

Google Help

How can I download any video from any site?

In order for us to download videos from any site, we first need a computer or laptop

  1. Google Chrome browser (or one that runs on the Chromium engine )
  2. A special extension from the Google store (write to our bot "Get the Internet" without quotes! The bot will send a link to the extension)
  3. Some free time
Download videos from any site on the Internet

After installation: extensions to the browser -> go, for example, to Yandex video search (write your request) -> on the video tabs (in the search), select the video -> go to the video page -> click on the extension panel -> on the installed extension -> select the video he found -> click on the video, and select " download via browser"

Some sites: Those with security might interrupt connections to their server, but that's another story.

This method in 99% of cases will help you download videos almost realistically from any site on the network.

Guys, if you liked it: click like and share with a friend! Thank you for watching! your admin :)

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