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YouTube Shorts monetization

YouTube Shorts monetization

Hello, reader or guest of the blog, YouTube video hosting is finally launching the monetization of short videos (YouTube Shorts), for these purposes, the giant company allocates $ 100 million

Monetization of short videos on YouTube

  • On the official YouTube blog: they say that they are creating a fund for the authors of short videos, and allocate $ 100 million for this, while, as far as we know, this does not require 1000 subscribers and 4 thousand hours of views, the monetization of YouTube shorts and the monetization of regular videos are different things.

Money to authors: will be paid during 2021-2022 . To get a fee, you need to upload videos to the YouTube Shorts section: the service will reward users whose videos  get the most views and audience engagement.

Every month, YouTube will contact the creators of such videos for a reward.

@Official YouTube Blog

How to access youtube shorts short videos?

  • YouTube shorts are officially: currently still in beta test, but even if you don't have a direct option to download shorts through the YouTube app, it's enough to upload a vertical video no longer than 15/60 seconds YouTube recognizes it as shorts , and places such videos to the YouTube Shorts section

The Shorts Fund is the first step on our journey to building a YouTube shorts monetization model. This is a top priority for us and it will take time for us to get things right. We are actively working on this and will use the feedback received from our community to help develop a long-term program specifically designed for YouTube Shorts.

@Official YouTube Blog
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