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The most mystical channel on YouTube (Parlophone Records)

The most mystical channel on YouTube (Parlophone Records)

Hello, reader or guest :) While everyone here was worried about the most famous YouTuber PewDiePie - he was overtaken by a channel with 62 - subscriptions! Yes - Don't be surprised! Well, let's get it right!

Parlophone Records

Just the other day: A channel was found in the bowels of YouTube, with a huge number of views for such a small channel. The most popular video of the open - scored more than 166 million views.

Parlophone records statistics
Parlophone Records YouTube channel

You probably say cheating: Advertising, etc. Perhaps you are right, but pay attention! Video uploaded 5 years ago! - Although the channel was created in 2019.

What is known about "Parlophone Records"

According to information from the network:

Official twitter:

Official Facebook

Parlophone  Records  is a British record label founded in 1923 as a subsidiary of the German label Parlophon  (part of Carl Lindstrom). From 1923 to 1955 the manager of the label's music department was Oskar Preiss. In the 1920s Parlophone  Records  became the UK's leading jazz label with records released under license from the American Okeh  Records .

Who has any guesses? Write in the comments!

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