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Proper optimization of the video on the YouTube channel

Proper optimization of the video on the YouTube channel

Hello, reader or guest - since you got here, it means you are interested in how to optimize video for YouTube video hosting? on your channel, well, let's get started

What you need to optimize your YouTube video

Perhaps the first thing you need: This free time should be spent at least an hour a day on this business, and the second is to use tools for optimization:

YouTube video optimization tools:

  1. vidIQ  this toolkit allows us to see the competition by tags, helps us choose the right tags for the video, and gives you a lot of other tips, there is a paid and free version, even the free one is enough for us
  2. Yandex wordstat is a keyword search service from Yandex: It will show what exactly they are looking for and how many queries for this word
  3. Google Trends is a service from our big brother Google, it essentially performs the same functions as the Yandex service, but it is more functional

YouTube video optimization when downloading

Youtube video optimization

When you have uploaded the video: go to our - > creative studio - > content - > choose a video to optimize

Choose the right tags:

Optimize tags on youtube video
  • When you open the tag inspector: Consider the following fact: The more competition a tag has, the more difficult it will be for your video to break into the top, you should not fill all 500 characters with only competitive tags, two three is enough, but you should enter tags: where the competition is either medium or low and even better where there is a large search volume and very low competition.

Understand one thing , but while you are a small channel, with high-frequency tags where there is a lot of competition, you simply cannot break through among a million of the same videos that have already proven themselves

Youtube channel name:
  • The best option would be to name the channel according to your topic with a keyword, but there may be one big problem, the channel will essentially be tied to one topic, judge for yourself if the channel is called SEO, but suddenly it comes out with a video on how to cook barbecue on the grill .

We don’t write a channel: WoTaK - it’s hard to remember it will be better (like this) than WoTaKiM, you will agree because the first option will be easier to remember for the future.

Choosing a video topic for a YouTube channel

Youtube video optimization

Decide what kind of video you are going to make while you are a small channel, it is better to follow the theme of the channel, if it is about games, then make videos about games or closely thematic videos

Pay attention: In order for the competition to be low and the search volume to be large, it was from this that the views of popular bloggers on YouTube were formed, for example, the Fortnite tag has high competition, but the fortnite tag already has low competition , but at the same time it has a large search volume, we need it there in the tags.

If you make live broadcasts: Do not be lazy and also optimize them before starting

Use all the opportunities that YouTube gives you : When filling out the title, try to mention as many key phrases as possible, and also use hashtags , this will give you at least some traffic from the video pages with this hashtag , the first three hashtags are displayed at the top of the video title

Also upload your own covers: Either draw in Adobe Photoshop or use online editors: Make good quality covers (1920x1080)

Description of the video on the YouTube channel : It’s good if you also mention tags in the description that are related to the video, but don’t overdo it so as not to fly into the YouTube shadowban for spamming. If there are many releases of this video, then it would be good to link to playlists in the description, and not just in the annotations.

YouTube video description

After posting a video: Be sure to go through all the social media buttons available to you and post your video there

Do not be afraid to ask to subscribe to the channel :) by the way , subscribe to my experimental channel, I will be very grateful, at the same time you will follow its development due to optimization

You can feel free to ask in the comments, I will try to answer your questions!

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