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What is Telegra.PH|How to use the telegraph

What is Telegra.PH|How to use the telegraph

Hello my readers or those who accidentally came in: Today I will tell you about such a service as the telegraph ( Telegra.PH ) it was created by the same people who created the official Telegram messenger

What is Telegraph   Telegra.PH

What is telegra.ph
What is telegra.ph

Telegraph   is an anonymous blog-platform (Network address: telegra.ph ) from the creator of telegrams Pavel Durov ) registration is not required for posting posts, but in fact the telegraph is an advanced post editor in the Telegram messenger

An example of an article in the telegraph

Telegraph functionality is not rich at all: You can make clickable links / make text italic or bold, you can insert media content (photo / video)

How to edit posts in Telegraph 

How to edit posts in Telegraph
How to edit posts in Telegraph

Posts in Telegram . PH  is tied to cookies Cokie ) - to edit a post you need to log in from the same device from which it was published! telegraph does not have a search or main page, so in order not to lose posts: You need to link your Telegram account to your Telegraph account 

Linking a Telegram account to a Telegraph account

We go to the official bot (@telegraph ) and press start, the bot will automatically find your account in Telegraph after that, authorization in Telegraph through the Telegram messenger will become available to you: you will also not lose your posts and you can edit them at any time, unlike: if you have not linked your account

Telegraph posts can be viewed instantly on Telegram

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