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Telegram analogue messenger TamTam

Telegram analogue messenger TamTam

Hello my lovers of messengers, including the telegram messenger , today I will tell you about the analogues of Durov's messenger, the so-called TamTam messenger

Messenger TamTam what is it?

TamTam " is a cross-platform  messenger launched by mail.ru Group on the basis of the "classmates" social network in May 2017. It became the fifth project of the MRG company, intended for communication (in addition to TamTam , the list includes the social networks VKontakte and Odnoklassniki, as well as   the Icq and mail.ru Agent messengers) .

Data from wikipedia

Registration in TamTam messenger

Messenger TamTam web version

To register in TamTam, you need a phone number and the TamTam application on your smartphone IPhone / Android } you can also register through the TamTam web version, as in any messenger, there is no password here, you can enter by phone number

Main Page TamTam
Main Page TamTam
  • After entering the messenger (web version), you get to the main page of the TamTam messenger where there will be the most popular channels on this platform, on this page you can go to them

What features does TamTam have?

TamTam messenger settings
TamTam messenger settings

The TamTam messenger does not have such huge functionality as Telegram, but these two messengers are very similar to each other (even the interface is almost the same as the messenger works in two languages ​​(Russian / English)

Main features of TamTam

  1. Personal profiles
  2. Private messages
  3. Video calls (You can create a link to call you)
  4. Creating chat rooms for communication
  5. Channel creation
  6. Dark theme (choice of chat design)
  7. Can work with bots

What about channel indexing in TamTam?

Unfortunately, on this occasion, I can’t tell you anything specific; this needs to be tested, but it is written that it is indexed in the search, unlike the same telegram.

Creating a channel in TamTam

Channel in the messenger there there

Any user can create a channel in TamTam and I didn’t notice any restrictions on creation there, posts in TamTam can be beautifully designed just like in a telegram

I hope I helped you, subscribe to my channel in TamTam where you can see what beautiful posts you can do there.

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