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Qiwi explains the reason for the mass blocking of wallets?

Qiwi explains the reason for the mass blocking of wallets?

Hello reader or guest! my blog :) Today, with the help of one game, Qiwi tried to explain to ordinary users why their wallets can be blocked! Well, let's get it right!

  • Over the last month of 2019, Qiwi payment service customers   started  complaining en masse! to terminate contracts by the company, after which it is very difficult to withdraw your money. Qiwi representatives    say that this problem is not widespread. 

Qiwi explained the reason for the mass blocking:

Kiwi company online game

The Qiwi company explained the reason for the mass blocking of wallets and they did it using the example of a game that anyone can play:  Play the game ]

qiwi wallet game

There will be a short video first to get you started. - then you will understand everything yourself.  Go for it ]

By the way! I passed successfully! :)

end game qiwi wallet

Thanks for your like/repost! 

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