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How to send an empty message in Telegram

How to send an empty message in Telegram

Hello my lovers of life hacks, today I will tell you how it is possible to send an empty message in the telegram messenger , that is, a message where there is no content

Is it possible to send empty messages in the Telegram messenger?

You cannot officially send an empty message in the messenger, such functionality is not provided , but there is a workaround

How to send an empty message in telegram?

Sending an empty message in a telegram

In order to send an empty message, you need to go to this English site for developers and write any text, then you need to copy it and delete your text from the written one. As a result, we have an empty field that can be sent as a message

Empty message in telegram

This works everywhere in a personal message and in groups, and it will work like this - > as I wrote above in the text, otherwise it will not work!

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