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How to make a beautiful post in Telegram

How to make a beautiful post in Telegram

Hello my dear readers, today we will talk about Durov's messenger (Telegram), namely: we will discuss how to beautifully design posts in your telegram channel

How to make a beautiful post in telegram?

To beautifully design a telegram post, we need a computer or phone (preferably a computer) a little of your time, and a special bot for posts in Telegram

Steps to design a beautiful post:

  1. Download the official Telegram app
  2. Create a Telegram channel
  3. You may need photoshop (optional)
  4. Log in to your telegram profile
  5. Go to @ControllerBot and create your own post bot

Create a beautiful post in telegram

Creating a telegram bot for beautiful posts
Go to the @BotFather bot : click create a bot: (create a new bot) in the next steps: give a name to your bot after receiving the bot token, send this token to the @ControllerBot bot and after it add a channel for beautiful posts (your created bot - you need add to channel admins)

Adding a telegram bot to a channel

Adding a bot to a telegram channel
For all this miracle to work as it should: You must add the created bot to your channel as a channel administrator -> then go to the created bot

Creating beautiful posts in telegram

We make posts in telegram beautifully
We go to our created bot and click on create a post (do not forget to select the Russian language in advance) press the button create a post: Send everything you need (links are possible)  select a channel (where you want to make a beautiful post)
Telegram post designsIf you are working from a computer, you can also format text nicely / make text links and so on.
Beautiful post in Telegram with buttons
After creating and sending a message to your bot: The post can be decorated, for example, add buttons / make reactions to the post / add an image / add comments, let's make a button on the article

Click add URL - buttons: and send a link in this format: Read the article - your link ( (Title space underscore space link) if ready: Click  next  publish!

Beautiful telegram post with a button

As you can see: Our post has a button when clicked on which people will go to your resource (by your link)

You can see examples of beautiful posts on our telegram channel

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