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How to find music on Telegram

How to find music on Telegram

Hello my lovers of listening to pleasant music, and completely free of charge, due to the fact that on August 30 VKontakte limited background listening to tracks in their ecosystem for mobile devices, you have to somehow get out, and no matter how funny it sounds, Telegram will come to the rescue

Is it possible to listen to music in Telegram?

Yes, you can listen to music in Telegram just like in any application.

It's free

How to find music in Telegram?

How to find music in telegram
  • To begin with, do not search for music with the word music in the search , telegram will not give you any special search answers.
How to listen to music in telegram

I offer you a slightly different option: Open the telegram messenger, and go to " this bot" where you need to enter either the artist or the full name for example (ILO - AUGUST)

Music in telegram

As we can see from the screenshot: we can listen directly in the telegram player, there is no background restriction on music.

Thus: Music in telegram is now free and without ads! no VK combo subscriptions for you :)

Thanks for reading! if you know more bots write in the comments

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