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What is a Vkontakte poster

What is a Vkontakte poster

Good morning / or night to you :) VKontakte has such a function as “ POSTER ” today we will talk about it

What is a Vkontakte poster?

A poster on VKontakte is a new feature with which you can beautifully design your text entry. You can use the poster only on your page or in the community. Or on the page of the person you are friends with 

The function is available in applications on iOS and Android, possibly in older versions of operating systems - this function may not be available. 

VK poster for text entries

As we can see from the screenshots: 

The poster has a choice between:

poster picture
  1. picture
  2. Emoticons (  emoji )
  3. Gradient
Recording with a poster

PS In addition to changing the text and appearance of the poster template, changing something or attaching something will not work, unfortunately, postponing the recording with the poster (putting it on a timer) is also not yet possible. 

This is what it looks like on the wall:

hashtags  work in the poster  

Thank you for watching! :) All delicious coffee! 

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