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We earn on the Zen channel?

We earn on the Zen channel?

Hello - this is an article - about the new Yandex service " Yandex Zen " - a feed of personal recommendations.

Zen  is a platform where you can read and create interesting stories. There are articles, videos and narratives from bloggers and popular media. The smart  Zen algorithm  understands what topics you like and creates  a feed  based on your interests. Each time  Zen gets to  know you better and  the tape  gets more interesting.

Before you start “Make money on Yandex Zen”, you need to carefully:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the rules of the platform: 
  2. Prepare channel

Channel monetization

Zen channel monetization
Zen channel monetization

In order for the channel to be given - monetization: - It is necessary for a week (7 - days) to collect 7 thousand  readings  of any publications. 

  • Reads are the main indicator of the success of publications, which directly affects the issuance of your materials in the feed. It shows if readers liked your content.
yandex zen proofreading
yandex zen proofreading

Reading - depicted in the form of a book: (see picture)

Zen Feed Impressions: Images in the form of a circle.

Karma Yandex Zen
Karma Yandex Zen

Also, all channels have - karma: 

If you have it above 70, then every seven days you will be given bonus impressions. (Content 18+ will not receive bonuses)


Popular article in Yandex Zen

In order to quickly achieve 7 - thousand rereads - enough - one hype topic. :) 

Withdrawal only to Yandex  money (withdrawal from any amount)

And here is what we managed to earn on 08/23/2019

Thank you for watching! Dare :) By the way - earnings are legal! 

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