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VKontakte from TV (Overview)

VKontakte from TV (Overview)

With the development of high technologies, social networks began to penetrate deeper and deeper into our lives, TV was not without it, or as everyone calls it “ Zomboyaschik ”. :)

I'm warning you right now! To receive VKontakte on TV / set-top boxes, you must be able to work with the Internet network and have Smart TV technology 

Smart  TV  ( rus. Smart TV ), or Connected  TV is a technology for integrating the Internet and digital interactive services into modern TVs and digital television receivers. 

The VKontakte application on Smart TV is positioned as multimedia, and therefore sending messages is not available! 

The application is available:  

  1. View news: (people/groups)
  2. Viewing albums and photos
  3. Viewing videos: (In some applications on other TVs, it may not be available!)
VKontakte Smart TV

Application Authorization

To fully use the application on a TV, you need to go to your TV in the applications menu -\u003e VKontakte - authorization window (Write an email to it, an activation link will be sent) In some versions, an authorization window may immediately appear in VKontakte itself,

On other TVs/Set-top boxes, the application may look different, but they are identical in functionality. We were talking about an application for digital TV - from " Beeline " If - you do not have a VKontakte application, then you probably either have old software - TV / set-top box software or your TV does not support Smart TV technology.

VK Smart TV

VK Smart TV

Watch TV smart! :)

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