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The world is not ready for this! Closing DeepNude

The world is not ready for this! Closing DeepNude

Hello - recently there was news from the developer of the application for undressing girls DeepNude if you thought that it was hard to create fakes - then you were mistaken! :) 

On June 26-27, 2019, many foreign and Russian-language media talked about the DeepNude application. It "undresses" the women in the photographs. It works best with photos where a person is already almost naked  (in underwear or a swimsuit) , and the program does not know what to do with men at all.

As the developers stated, the program works on the basis of “Neural Networks” with a database of more than 10 thousand images of women.

DeepNude Premium Program
DeepNude Premium Program

The application was paid. On processed photos taken in the free version, it superimposed huge watermarks that covered the “most interesting”. If you get premium access, there will be no extra marks on the photo, except for the large inscription  "Fake" 

  • On systems with 4 GB of RAM - the generation process can take from 7 minutes to 11 minutes! The more RAM, the faster the snapshot is generated!
  • Just wait and don't touch anything!
  • For every fireman, we run on behalf of: Administrator
  • Uploading a picture of your girlfriend    
  • But it's better to take a picture from the Internet! :)
  • We are waiting for the generation of the snapshot (do not touch the computer at all)
  • Profit

From developers:

We thought that we would have several sales each month that we would control manually. We greatly underestimated the request. Despite the security measures taken (watermarks), if 500,000 people use it, the chances that people will misuse it are too high. We don't want to make money this way. The world is not yet ready  for @DeepNude. 


Thank you for watching! :)

Do you need this app?

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