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The difference between VKontakte applications on iOS / Android

The difference between VKontakte applications on iOS / Android

Hello, today I want to show you how the VKontakte application (official client) differs on ANDROID and IPHONE devices 

  • Ps  app was fully updated on  07/29/2018  and is relevant on both devices. THIS IS THE OFFICIAL APP ONLY.

Music section (My music)

1.Section music:  (My music)

There are no special differences here (except perhaps only the location of the buttons)

Music section (Recommendation)

2.Music section ( Recommendation )

Differences in the name of the button: on  iOS   it is called “ Play ” on  Android  “ Play ” 

Personal profile (page)

3.Personal profile ( page )

page VKontakte iPhone

Status / additional information is not visible  on  iOS  (You need to open the page)

VK news section

4. News section (usually this is the home page when you enter the application)

There are no special differences! Only  the “News” link on iOS has been moved to the center!

Vkontakte community groups


The only difference! it's a different menu layout.

6. Search page ( Recommendations )

search for android vk
VK search page on iPhone

7.Private messages ( Dialogues )


private messages ios vk

Well, here it is on Android

private messages android vkontakte

Actually, there is nothing more remarkable! :) Have questions? You can ask them in the comments. 

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