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Proper instagram account?

Proper instagram account?

Hello, reader of my blog - in this post I will tell you how best to design an Instagram profile in order to increase its click-through rate and efficiency! 

What is Instagram?

Instagram  is a photo and video sharing application with social networking elements that allows you to take photos and videos, apply filters to them, and share them through your service and a number of other social networks.

About profile design:

We all want our Instagram profile to become popular and be visited by hundreds or even a thousand people a day. So that notifications on the screen of your smartphone about new subscribers and likes do not let it go out. All this is real, but first you need to learn how to properly design an Instagram profile. Spend at least 10 - 20 minutes on this matter, using my recommendation below. You don't even have to be a professional designer.

Rules :

blank instagram profile
blank instagram profile

No one will subscribe to an empty  (without content) profile. (except for the same spammers)

closed instagram account
closed instagram account

To a private profile - also no one wants to subscribe just like that! If you are not a beautiful girl :) with 13 breast sizes  and you are 15 years old

Rules for a good Instagram:

  1. If you have persecution mania, then you should not read this manual! :)
  2. Profile must be public 
  3. The profile should be beautifully designed
  4. Try to update your profile often
  5. Upload more than just photos/videos - make stories/live streams
  6. Avoid swearing (As little as possible)  Turn on the filter!
  7. If you make a post: Resort to editors (make a kind of candy out of a photo) that you want to like.
  8. If it doesn’t work out, don’t worry (it will turn out another time
  9. Use  #hashtags  everywhere (In stories too)
  10. Use location not only in pictures/videos but also in stories

The correct design of the Instagram profile:

Proper instagram profile design
Proper instagram profile design

Note! a cover has been made for each  “Archival Recording”! it will increase their clickability! And yes, they do look much nicer.

Instagram ZPmirov
Instagram ZPmirov

In the field about yourself:  Minimally decorated - there is no unnecessary garbage and a bunch of emoticons. The address of the resource you need is indicated. 

Covers for instagram stories

[Cover creation service - free]

When you create a cover in Photoshop - or another editor! 

  • Try to put the main text closer to the center! So it will be visible on all smartphones 
Instagram cover - best moments
Instagram cover - best moments

try to have a uniform style on the covers! (Not very important)

Instagram statistics “Business Profile”
Instagram statistics “Business Profile”

By the way! do not forget to transfer your account to  “Business Profile”  otherwise your efforts are a waste of time, in a business account you will be able to track account statistics.

Thank you for watching! :)

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