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Pepe the Frog - the story of the appearance?

Pepe the Frog - the story of the appearance?

Hello reader! today I’ll tell you where the popular favorite of memes, Pepi the frog, came from

 Pepe the Frog  (/ˈpɛpeɪ/)  is a famous internet meme. The character, which is a green anthropomorphic  frog , first  appeared in the Boy's Club  comic book  by Matt Furie. Became an Internet meme in 2008, when its popularity steadily increased in the community sites  Myspace, Gaia Online  and  4chan . By 2015 became one of the most popular internet memes on  4chan 

  • There is generally a huge variation of memes with Pepi - from sad to funny or angry 

Interesting fact:

  • The Anti-Defamation League of the United States  has included the image of Pepe the Frog in the list of so-called  hate symbols . The organization confirms that initially the meme was not  anti-Semitic in nature , but against the background of the activity of right-wing movements and the election campaign of US President Donald Trump, it acquired a clear anti-Semitic meaning.
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