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Instagram turns off likes

Instagram turns off likes

Hi, buddy :) here  the news appeared   for someone good, but for someone it will seem negative!   Instagram  is  testing  a new social network interface, and at the same time new functionality. 

Instagram disable likes?

As “Maxim Galkin” instagram said in a  “post - instagram”  , he chose his account to test a new interface in which he does not see likes / and views on other people's publications.

“Now I don’t see the number of likes and views of other people’s posts. I think it's a wonderful idea. Likes have become a real addiction for many people, a source of anxiety and stress. By removing the moment of unhealthy competition, Instagram saves the psyche of many people and, most importantly, children and adolescents”  @Maxim Galkin

Is this information worth trusting? It’s up to you to decide, it seems to me - most likely Instagram will simply make the ability to hide the number of likes / views in the privacy settings.


Waiting for app update. 

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