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How to upload your track to Boom VKontakte by yourself ♫

How to upload your track to Boom VKontakte  by yourself ♫

Hello, today they will tell you how to get into the official  Boom music catalog from the VKontakte social network.   If you want to post your track on Boom, look at this page

 What is Boom - VKontakte?

Boom  is  the official VKontakte application with which you will get easy and quick access to the largest music collection, new releases and personal recommendations even without Internet access ( CACHE )

Boom application VKontakte
Boom application VKontakte

To get into the official music catalog of Boom: There are two ways

  1. Via label/aggregator/distributor
  2. Self-hosted (requires tax registration, etc.)

First option: (Placement through an aggregator)

I won’t torment for a long time:  Boom  works with such aggregators as:     Multiza , well,  FreshTunes  (if you have more examples of aggregators that work with Boom, then please write in the comments - please mention whether they are paid or free). 

fresh tunes main page
fresh tunes main page

Please note:   it is very easy to upload a track to the social network VKontakte - through the  “My audio recordings” section (MY MUSIC). However:  At the same time, it will not be possible to monetize it in any way. Monetization is possible only if your track gets into the official Boom catalog, which is closely integrated with the social network VKontakte.

fresh tunes

  - quite easy to use - the interface is available in Russian! initially available:

Google play music , Apple music , Yandex music , Shazam  and other services

to access


(VKontakte) You need to pass a test and get a status 

"Verified Partner"

To get access to Boom, send a request to the technical support of the aggregator

We write a letter:

Subject of the letter:  Please give me access to the Boom site (VKontakte)

Text of the letter:

Hello! it is possible to access the Boom site (VK)

CLIENT ID: ******** (a set of numbers and letters - it is on the top panel) 

We are waiting for an answer: They answered me in a couple of days: 

Required to include:

  1. Passport scan:
  2. Screenshot of the audio editor with the date on the computer!
  3. Passport on the screen spread with the editor
  • After providing - this data - after a couple of days they were checked and I was given the status of    “Verified Partner“
  • I had to wait about a week/two weeks.

Next, go to the album editor: and add the Boom pad 

Album Editor
Album Editor
  • After adding, if you already have tracks there, then they may disappear for some time! do not be afraid they will reappear (the database is just being updated) - the check takes about 5/7 days - but maybe faster - after approval! you have to wait about another 7 days - so that the release is updated everywhere. 
  • Please note! The above is only for the authors of their own tracks:   if you are not the author of the music (for example, the beats are not yours), then for each track you need permission from your beatmaker)
zpmirov musician card
zpmirov musician card

Actually, that's all! Listen to my release! :) 

Musician card VKontakte
Musician card VKontakte

By the way: After adding a track to  Boom  - automatically - a  “Musician Card” is created    - and you also have the opportunity - to occupy the tops of VKontakte (unless, of course, you have millions of fans) - you can see the number of listening to the album - and all available albums are shown - you can link personal page to “Cards” - though the VKontakte profile must be Verified! 

If - you have no desire to torment yourself with long checks - then you can  add me as a friend  - and we will discuss the possibility - additions to Boom -  through my label!   —  before applying: Please read —  this note  about — the rules for getting into Boom.

And a little about the second hit option:  

Well - firstly, you won't be able to get into that - the same  iTunes  -! Because it doesn't matter where you live! You will have to register as a taxpayer in the United States - and also receive UCP - and in Russia - no one does this. Simply put, UCP is something like a digital fingerprint for copyright. 

UPC  ( Universal  Product  Code ) is a 12-digit code used in the USA, also EAN ( European Article Number ) in European countries. Unlike  UPC , the EAN code has 13 characters. 

Thank you for watching! If it helps, then share it with a friend. By the way - let's discuss -  this topic on the forum!  :-) 

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