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How to run two identical programs on a computer or laptop

How to run two identical programs on a computer or laptop

Hello, my name is Homer :) Today I will tell you how to run two programs on your computer at the same time!

So, in order to run two identical “COPIES” of the program on the computer at the same time, for example, you want to open two Steam on the computer at once or some other program you need in which you need to enter your data! , Of course it is possible! run two programs using the system, but not all programs allow themselves to be mocked like that! :) 

sandbox program

So, in order to solve our problem of running the same programs on one computer, you must first download the SOFTWARE necessary for this task, for example, “SANDBOX”, and install it in this way. 

“  Sandbox ” is a  shareware utility that is a tool for controlling the operation of various programs, as well as improving security, including when browsing the Internet. The program provides users with the ability to run applications in a secure shell, otherwise called a "sandbox" 

Getting Started in Sandbox
Launching a second copy of the program

If the desired program is already on your computer, then in order to run the program twice, we do not need to look for any additional programs, we just need to find the launch shortcut in the program folder -> then click run in “Sandboxie“. If you can't find the shortcut in the folder, it might be on your desktop! Look there :)

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