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How to get "Ukraine VKontakte" stickers

How to get "Ukraine VKontakte" stickers

Hi buddy it's 2019 and the  Ukrainian Team VKontakte  is still giving away  “Peach Stickers Ukraine” for free

Quote VKontakte

The Ukrainian office of VKontakte  announced the release of a free set of  stickers with popular characters, available only to users who indicated their Ukrainian place of residence on their page or chose the Ukrainian version of the interface. On August 24, Ukraine celebrates Independence Day. 

What needs to be done to get “Ukraine VKontakte” stickers?

Spotty Ukraine VKhttps://zpmirov.ru/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Спотти-Украина-вк-520x141.png
Spotty Ukraine VK

Go to settings  using this link: 

We set the country "Ukraine" in the settings

How to get "Ukraine VKontakte" stickershttps://zpmirov.ru/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Как-получить-стикеры-«Украина-ВКонтакте»-520x160.png
How to get "Ukraine VKontakte" stickers

Let's go to  this link!  -> Add stickers to your set! 

Congratulations! your stickers! :) By the way: See also: 

“How to get Ukrainian gifts VKontakte”

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