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Durov distributes Bitcoin for VPN?

Durov distributes Bitcoin for VPN?

Hello friend :) here: the founder of the Telegram messenger (which was blocked on the territory of the Russian Federation) received a statement in which he promises bitcoin grants to those companies that will develop  VPN and Proxy  in order to bypass the blocking of his application. This statement was made using the official page of Pavel Durov. In contact with

  • Bitcoin  (eng. Bitcoin, from bit - “bit” and coin - “coin”) is a peer-to-peer payment system that uses the unit of the same name for accounting operations and the data transfer protocol of the same name. Cryptographic methods are used to ensure the functioning and protection of the system. All information about transactions between system addresses is available in open form. 

In the words of Paul:

As part of the Digital Resistance - a decentralized movement to protect digital freedoms and progress - I started paying bitcoin grants to proxy and vpn administrators. During this year I will be happy to donate millions of dollars of personal funds to this cause. I encourage everyone to join and participate - by setting up proxy / vpn servers or funding them.

Thanks and appreciation were also expressed to all users from Russia who did not stop using the application after it was blocked in the country. According to Durov himself, the number of users has not decreased and is still at the level of 7% of the total number of users.
In addition, special thanks were expressed to Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft for not participating in political censorship.
Due to the blocking of the Telegram messenger, a large number of portals and sites are now operating in a limited mode. Even the likes of Amazon and Azure.

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