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Google AdSense billing verification

Google AdSense billing verification

Hello, my name is Homer :) and today I will show and tell you how to confirm, and most importantly! how to correctly enter "Payment Information in  Google Adsense . Let's get started….

But, for starters: I'll write what   Google AdSense is:

  • Google AdSense  is: “Contextual Advertising Service” from  Google.inc  

AdSense  is a “Program automatically places” on websites and on  Youtube  video hosting channels that have “Affiliate” text and image advertisements that are suitable for the context. Owners of sites and channels on YouTube that place ads receive income for clicks and ad impressions. The cost of a click on an ad can vary from a few cents to several tens or even hundreds of US dollars.  

Billing address confirmation

So the key to success:  So that the letter reaches you 100%, and not your neighbor. 

Show off rule : No need to write in the billing address: Instead of the street, the English “ Street ” and instead of the house “ HOME ” if you live: At the address  of Moscow, Moskovskaya street , then we write like that! in Russian! Of course you! perhaps they will understand in   Google AdSense , but unfortunately! not all postmen know 5! An “English language”   letter could fall  into the wrong hands! Or in the wrong country at all!  “For example, my letter was in the mailbox, and I didn’t even receive any notification, although they assured me at the post office that I would receive a notification.” 

Here is an example of the correct filling for “Citizens of the Russian Federation”:

Your name and surname in English, although it is better in Russian, for example:

To get a letter from Google AdSense  ( the letter is sent only when there is 10 USD in the account )

  2. Moskovskaya st., 1, apt. one
  3. Moscow
  4. Moscow region
  5. 11111 (this is your zip code! (  The  zip code is a special postal number - you can find where it is located - this is the post office.) You can find it at any post office, or on the  official website of the Russian Post . ) 

My letter came exactly 26  days later

In 2018, an email from Google AdSense looks like this:

On the first side: the logo of the Google advertising network and the name of the network itself. (By the way, it feels like the inscription and logo “Laminated some kind of - whether as a sticker, I don’t know how - to convey this to you.)

Google letter #1
Google letter #1

On the second side of the envelope: Located: Some data. Your first and last name in English! and also here is your address of residence (the same billing address) and the postal code of your city is also indicated. there is also a QR code with some data, what do they mean, well, it starts with the word RU, then there are numbers. Apparently some kind of payment details in rubles - this is the same inscription in the corner of the envelope.

Google letter
Google letter

Inside the envelope, a special surface was made so that unauthorized persons could not read the confidential information in the letter, even through the light. “ Sberbank ” makes the same surface when it issues its cards with a pin code to their owner.

Inside the envelope:

Here you will be greeted in Russian, and the letter is divided into two columns! in one column: the steps are described - on the introduction of a pin code, but in the other, respectively, the pin code itself 

Google letter #3
Google letter #3

After you have received the letter, you need to: - > go to - www.google.com/adsense go to the settings (or click on the gear) and get to the section - > payments and there in the account information field you should have a block with a PIN entry field. 

Well, in general, I immediately had the “Tasks” block when I  logged in. I could enter a pin code right from the main page of Andsense  .

Google AdSense billing verification
Google AdSense billing verification

We press the button “ Confirm ” you will be transferred to a special field: where we enter your pin code. 

pincode google
pincode google
Message in the office
Message in the office

If you did everything right! then the red inscription “Payments suspended” will disappear when the page is refreshed. (or in a minute)

Congratulations, your  “Billing Address” has been  successfully  verified ! 

If you helped, then tell me on the social network :) thanks! )))) 

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