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Setting up Rapida Online for withdrawal from Adsense

Setting up Rapida Online for withdrawal from Adsense

Hello my dear ? readers or guests, or maybe you are already a blogger? :) today I'll show you how you can set up a withdrawal of money from Google AdSense to a Rapid wallet

How can I withdraw money from AdSense?

  1. Online payments (Qiwi wallet)
  2. Offline payments (Bank check from Google)
  3. To a bank card

Previously, you could also withdraw to your PayPal account before you start earning and receiving money, you need to confirm your residential address in Google AdSense , the verification pin code comes in an envelope when you reach $ 10 on your account balance.

How to set up a Rapida Online template for QIWI

Rapid slogan :)

In general, there are a lot of templates in Rapid, but I think it will be more convenient for everyone to receive qiwi to their wallet (I think everyone has it), it’s better to verify the wallet first to avoid problems.

Qiwi wallet template Rapida online
Qiwi wallet template Rapida online

We go to Rapida Online  go to the section → create a template → Qiwi wallet  indicate the maximum amount → indicate your real phone number on which yours was created → Qiwi confirm the action on Rapida by receiving an SMS with a code, Congratulations ! the template is ready, it remains to install it in Google AdSense


Go to Google AdSense  payments  select payment methods → Rapida Online  enter the template number in Rapida (it can be found in the → Templates section) after reaching the account balance of $ 100, AdSense will automatically send the payment to Rapida Online  Rapida, in turn, automatically transfers the money according to your template, if for some reason the money did not come  the money is in → “Show the amount of obligations” they can be manually transferred to the wallet.

Does the money for rapid come in dollars?

No, the money will come in ruble equivalent at the exchange rate on the day of transfer from Adsense

All pleasant earnings! I hope I helped you, write in the comments I will help you as much as I can

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