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Local Google Experts (participation and bonuses)?

Local Google Experts (participation and bonuses)?

Hey, today I'm going to share what  local Google maps experts  can do with the #LOCALGUIDES program. 

Thanks Google
Thanks Google

Locals - experts - these are people who are well acquainted with the "Local" place / city and publish "Reviews" "Photos" "Videos" "Answer questions from users" 

  • Local Experts  is a community of users who  write reviews ,  add photos ,  answer questions ,  post  or correct information about places, and  check data  on Google Maps. The content they publish helps millions of people plan their trips and choose how to spend their time. 

What does participation in the program give? 

What does participation in the Google program give?
What does participation in the Google program give ?
  • Level 1:  Subscribe to a special monthly newsletter, video calls with leading experts and Google employees, the opportunity to participate in closed competitions (not available in all countries).
  • Level 2 (5 points):  Access to new Google products and features before their official release.
  • Level 3 (50 points):  Google Maps local expert badge, opportunity to become a local expert community moderator.
  • Level 4 (200 points):  free additional space on "Google Drive", the opportunity to become a hero of publications on the  official pages of Google , annual gifts for helping to develop " Google Maps" .
  • Level 5 (500 points):  A unique opportunity to  join  the Google team and test the latest products and services. (you heard right! just join the Google team!)
  • There are currently 10 levels in total

How to see your level?

Go to maps -> My impressions! —> Open Profile

Local Google Expert
Local Google Expert

By helping other users, you earn points for each action and get closer to moving to the next level. 

How do you see! collaborating with Google is useful! You just need to actively express yourself in services from Google.

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