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How to wind up reactions in Telegram

Hello, guest or reader: Today I’ll tell you how you can easily and quickly wind up reactions to your posts in Pavel Durov’s messenger, Telegram

Where is the cheapest place to buy Xbox subscriptions?

Hello, dear reader, today I would like to show how and where you can buy games / subscriptions for the Xbox console much cheaper than the market value, and there is nothing shameful in saving money if everything is within reason! (It is better not to save on health)

How to add someone else's playlist to your YouTube channel

Hello, YouTube video hosting lover, today I will tell you how it is possible to embed someone else's video on your YouTube channel and add it to your playlist, without downloading the video and violating any rights to the video

Instagram will be disabled in Russia

Hello, reader or guest of my blog, I didn’t think that we would get to cheburnet like in China, but from March 14, Instagram will be officially turned off in the Russian Federation

Is it necessary to unblock instagram in Russia?

How to send disappearing messages VKontakte

Hello my VKontakte lovers, today I will tell you and show you how you can send disappearing messages on this social network vk

How to create a gif - animation from a YouTube video

Hi, reader of my blog :) today I’ll tell you how you can make Gif animation from your video

How to edit videos for YouTube

Hello dear reader or video maker, today we will talk about the best programs to use for editing videos on YouTube

How to upload shorts to youtube channel

Hello, dear reader, today I’ll tell you about a new YouTube feature, about the so-called YouTube shorts format , today I’ll tell you how to upload this same shorts to YouTube video hosting

How to add music to VKontakte history ?

Hey reader - if you've come to learn "How to add music to your VKontakte story" congratulations! You have found what you have been looking for. :)

How to start streaming on YouTube? ?

Online  streaming (eng. Stream or Livestream)  on YouTube is an analogue of a live television broadcast. Usually used by various bloggers to communicate online with their audience live. You can also use Livestreams on YouTube as an analogue of the site “Twitch.tv” for streaming game content.

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